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Carl Delfeld
Carl Delfeld is the Managing Director of Alquimista and Chief Emerging Markets Analyst with Cabot Wealth. He was a columnist with Forbes Asia, and has authored four books on global investing. Carl has been an international banker in London and Boston and a vice president and director of Asia-Pacific for Robert W. Baird & Company. After serving as a consultant on Asian emerging markets with the U.S. Treasury and U.S. Congress, he was appointed to be a U.S. Representative to the Asian Development Bank in Manila. He is currently publisher of Strategic Wealth.
Articles: 18
A High-Risk, High-Return 10 Bagger Stock for 2020!
When looking for a potential 10-bagger stock for 2020, one first has to be willing to stomach some risk and volatility. You also have to find a company that is a bit controversial.
Platinum vs. Palladium: Which Strategic Metals Should You Buy?
In times of high uncertainty and geopolitical turmoil, many investors look to invest in safe havens such as US government bonds or gold. You don’t have to look far today to see potential...
Investing in the Age of US-China Rivalry
One can debate the political tactics but the idea of purchasing Greenland may be just the kind of big thinking America needs in this new age of US-China rivalry.
Profit From the US-China Cold Economic War
In February, I discussed the role of China and rare metals and rare earths. You can read my article here. Since then, one of the stocks I recommended, Lynas Corporation has soared.
How to Prosper in the Biotech Revolution
In this age of pessimism and skepticism regarding America’s global economic leadership — I have some good news for you. Last year, America’s patent and trademark office...
How to Protect your Portfolio in Times of Uncertainty
Turn on any business news channel and before long, three pundits will appear to debate the future direction of the economy. Oftentimes the discussion is centered on whether we will...
Invest in the Backbone of the Global Economy: Infrastructure
When you arrive for the first time in a country, the first thing you notice is the airport, then the roads or subway on the way to your hotel. This is infrastructure. It goes well beyond making an...
How to Profit from the Electric Vehicle (EV) Revolution in 2019
The first question you have to ask about electric vehicles (EV) is simple. Is it for real or just hype? I have been an EV skeptic for a long time but a deep dive throughout the last year has...