How to Make Money in
Up and Down Markets

(with Less Risk)


Your portfolio could be in the black in 2020 and you could have earned as much as
 1,269% from just ONE simple trade not long ago… (hint: it’s not a stock)

That’s enough to turn a small $5,000 investment into a huge $68,438 windfall!


There is nothing wrong with good old-fashioned stock picking.

But I think investors, more than ever, need an edge and a strategy, especially today, in these turbulent markets when computers and algorithms seem to be making so many decisions.

So I have an idea. One that has come from working with a powerful investment tool I first found almost two decades ago.

Most investors don’t understand how powerful it is after evolving into a strategy used by hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds and the most sophisticated traders in the world.

I worked with the legendary global stock picker Julian Robertson of Tiger Management. He was a great stock picker but he would have loved the flexibility and elegance of this tool.

I vividly remember the day I came across them as a rookie stockbroker at a leading Wall Street firm.

My first thought was – “this is unbelievable.”

And over the past two decades they have gotten better and better.

This tool is exchange-traded funds, better known as ETFs.

Many mistakenly treat exchange-traded funds (ETFs) like old-fashioned mutual funds…

And approach them as simply a buy-and-hold investment.

But here’s the thing…

ETFs can allow investors to extract HUGE sums of money from the market… without taking on the same risks as ordinary stock trading.

But it’s not JUST safety that makes ETFs a great investment…


Did you know Capital Market ETFs are one of the most profitable ways to capture MASSIVE GAINS over a very short period of time?


Even better, ETFs offer the chance to earn as much as DOUBLE or even TRIPLE the performance of ordinary stocks!

I’m an ETF pioneer going back two decades ago when ETFs were new and pretty boring.

But these low cost, transparent, tax efficient investment tools have skyrocketed both in terms of assets and variety.

As you can see from this chart, the growth in ETF assets has been remarkable.



And for some time now, I’ve been quietly beta-testing a unique strategy that leverages the tremendous power of investing in ETFs.

In just a moment, I’ll show you EXACTLY how my powerful strategy could help you make thousands from the market over the coming months…

No matter whether the market is up or down.

Even in this year’s turbulent stock market, my system has led to great gains and safe havens.

For example, my system identified one ETF that is now up 108% in 2020. Another ETF selected by my system was up 86%.

Some of our positions were up while the S&P 500 index was down 32% earlier this year.

In fact, history shows an abundance of examples that prove this point…

This strategy could have handed you the chance to lock in $23,290 betting on healthcare…

  • $22,669 in the financial sector
  • $35,722 in information technology stocks
  • $12,656 in aerospace and defense stocks
  • $14,019 in gold mining


And even as much as $68,438 in the critically important semiconductors sector…

All this while investing no more than a mere $5,000 in each trade.

Keep in mind, every one of the gains I just shared with you is REAL and comes directly from my research following the ETF markets.

And best of all…

Thanks to my proprietary system I’ve developed, you’ll NEVER have to make a blind guess at where to invest…

For years… I’ve been developing, refining and testing an advanced trading system that I believe makes profitable trading easier than ever before.

It allows me to monitor virtually every single corner of the market from sectors to countries to commodities to target ONLY the biggest momentum trends happening right now…

What’s great is that anyone can easily execute these trades.

You have complete transparency and it doesn’t require any complicated strategies like options.


The Power Trend Trader System


I call this advanced monitoring system thePOWER TREND TRADER.”

Simply put…

The POWER TREND TRADER is a proprietary market system that helps me to uncover the most explosive trends and trades at ANY exact moment.

But most importantly…

This strategy helps me avoid the guesswork of investing.

Blind guessing is a road to nowhere…

In a moment, I’ll show you how you can implement an investment strategy that has been able to generate $68,438 on a $5,000 trade.

But first, let me tell you a bit about myself.


How a Guy From Milwaukee Became a Forbes ETF Expert


Born in Milwaukee, I have spent most of my so-called “career” in international banking and finance opening up Asia for an investment firm and picking stocks for the legendary hedge fund trader Julian Robertson of Tiger Management.

Then I headed to Washington DC to work with the U.S. Joint Economic Committee and the U.S. Treasury and then was appointed by President George H.W. Bush to represent America on the executive board of the Asian Development Bank in Manila, Philippines.

While I was CFO of Pacifica Holdings and columnist with Forbes, they asked me to put together a global ETF investment letter and the rest is history. I’ve also authored three books on global ETF investing.



Here is what Steve Forbes had to say about my latest book, Red, White & Bold:

“Carl’s perspective is truly unique and insightful in understanding the global economy and the geopolitical situation today which is why this book is so helpful and timely.”


Here is What Some of My Subscribers Say About My Advice:


“Carl is the John Templeton of ETFs.”

– J. Santiago


“I am profiting both literally and figuratively from your keen insights.”

– David Horwich


“Your ETF selection is excellent. I believe what separates your service from all the others is your experience with global investing – your service has saved me a lot of time.”

– Michael McCarthy


“I will soon be giving each of my ten grandchildren gifts and am inclined to set them up with your global portfolio.”

– Howard Chilton


“You are really taking an international, strategic and sensible low-cost view of investing.”

– Ernest Porter


“Thanks for the straightforward, simple approach rather than the usual gobbledygook.”

– Malcolm Ward


Over the years, I have refined my ETF trading strategy.

For example, take the gold mining industry…

When gold miners had been taking a beating with major gold mining players like Newmont Mining down 23%…

Investing in any major gold mining stock over this period would have lost you some serious money…

But had you invested in one unique gold ETF, you could have more than doubled your money on one of the least profitable sectors in the market at the time.






To begin, you need to understand that most stocks trading on the market fail to beat the averages.



And it is incredibly difficult for most actively managed funds to beat the market indexes.



In my experience, backed up by data, this shows a momentum strategy is the most effective strategy to capture gains.


The Power of Trend/Momentum Investing



Momentum is one of Wall Street’s oldest investment strategies.

In 1838, James Grant published The Great Metropolis, Volume 2 and referred to David Ricardo, an English political economist who was active in the London markets in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Ricardo amassed a large fortune trading both bonds and stocks.

According to Grant, Ricardo’s success was attributed to three golden rules:

These included:

  1. “Never refuse an option when you can get it.”
  2. “Cut short your losses.”
  3. “Let your profits run on.”


By cutting short one’s losses, Mr. Ricardo meant that when a member had made a purchase of stock, and prices were falling, he ought to resell immediately.

And by letting one’s profits run on he meant that when a member possessed stock, and prices were rising, he ought not to sell until prices had reached their highest, and were beginning again to fall.

These are, indeed, golden rules, and may be applied with advantage to innumerable other transactions than those connected with the Stock Exchange.

Momentum tends to move across and in and out of sectors both in America and around the world.

My proprietary Power Trend Trader System follows Ricardo’s time-tested principles as I seek to identify both trends and ETFs demonstrating strong short and medium-term momentum using my five power trend indicators.

All five of my tracked indicators have proven positive for me to pull the trigger on a new recommendation.

Two of these are based on fund flow data used by professional investors, which tracks institutional fund flows in and out of sectors and ETFs.

This gives me the ability to see where the big money is going.

And as we all know the hard way, momentum moves both up and down. So we need a system that locks in gains and cuts losses quickly to preserve capital.

ETFs are the perfect tool to execute this strategy since there is an ETF for just about every sector and asset class you can think of.

For example, there are now ETFs for countries such as Switzerland or Singapore or Australia; sectors such as fintech, robotics, semiconductors, aerospace, biotech, cybersecurity, electric vehicles or cloud computing; and commodities from oil to coffee to palladium and rare earths.

And most importantly, there are ETFs that move opposite (inverse) a particular market so when these markets go down, these ETFs go up.

For example, instead of trying to pick one regional bank and betting that it’s the winner, I see a sector gaining momentum and place a bet on the whole sector.


WDRW seeks daily investment results of 300% of the inverse of the daily performance of the S&P Regional Banks Select Industry Index.



Using a Shotgun to Bag Big Profits


Here is a key point.

Since ETFs are a basket of stocks – you don’t have to try to pick the right one like a sharpshooter. You can buy a basket of stocks like using a buckshot shotgun to hit your target.

So if the POWER TREND system indicates that semiconductors are beginning an uptrend, I can use a shotgun rather than a rifle approach and capture the upside in the following stocks all at once.

Texas Instruments
Taiwan Semiconductor
Advanced Micro Devices
Applied Materials
Micron Technology
Lam Research
ASML Holdings

And the returns can be supercharged using a leveraged ETF.



You see, instead of guessing which stocks would have made the biggest gains…

You could have made one simple ETF trade… and outperformed the stocks in this market by more than SIXFOLD!

While many of the major semiconductor stocks were gaining an average of 213% during the rally…

You could have earned as much as 1,269% from just ONE simple ETF trade…

That’s enough to turn a small $5,000 investment into a huge $68,438 windfall!

That would have outperformed virtually every major stock in the industry… with just one simple trade.

And when I saw that the COVID-19 / coronavirus might have a significant impact on the economy and stock market, I ultimately added Direxion’s S&P 500 Bear ETF (SPDN) to the POWER TREND TRADER portfolio.

It was up an impressive 37% in less than three weeks.




This is why I invite you to join me in taking a totally different approach that allows us to capture FAR BIGGER gains while taking FAR LESS risk.

This is why you need ETFs and my specific stocks in your portfolio.

Let’s put a few things in further perspective…

Currently, there are nearly 12,000 stocks listed on U.S. exchanges and many more listed around the world…

Those stocks represent many thousands of unique opportunities to invest and potentially grow your money.

And yet… more than two-thirds of stocks trading on the market have failed to beat market averages over the past year…

Which means the odds of choosing a market-beating stock are not in your favor.

To be clear, trading ETFs still comes with some risks since you are still investing in a basket of stocks.

But ETFs allow you to diversify away the risks of investing in a single company or stock.

Of course, the secret to successful investing is being able to identify EXACTLY where the strongest momentum is in the market.

For example, as oil prices were declining, I saw that aerospace and, in particular airline stocks were developing an uptrend.

Yes, I could have guessed which airline; JetBlue, United Airlines or Southwest would do best but why not buy the whole sector with an ETF?

The result was a 105% gain in just three weeks. Yes, airline stocks right now are not attractive during COVID-19. Even the great Warren Buffet sold out his stake in airlines. But another buy signal could develop in the next 12 months at bottom-barrel prices. This is how my Power Trend System works!



In 2020, after the market pulled back sharply I noticed that this sector was oversold and coiled for a rebound, and so I added this same ETF to the Power Trend Trader portfolio.

The result was a 105% gain in just three weeks.


Capture the Profits of the Blockchain Revolution


Then there is the software innovation that everyone is talking about called “blockchain.”

One way to think about blockchain is that it’s like an “Internet of Transactions.”

Venture Capital maven Marc Andreessen described it in The New York Times:

“For the first time, a way for one internet user to transfer a unique piece of digital property to another internet user, such that the transfer is guaranteed to be safe and secure, everyone knows that the transfer has taken place, and nobody can challenge the legitimacy of the transfer.

“The consequences of this breakthrough are hard to overstate… It is a way to exchange money or assets between parties with no pre-existing trust…”

And all of this runs on a network of computers rather than the government or some sort of other agency running it.

This is a big deal as blockchain offers the possibility of not only a new form of money, but also new ways to simply and safely construct legal contracts and agreements, which will power an incredible revolution in human ingenuity and freedom.

For example, it will likely revolutionize America’s $200 trillion plus real estate industry, sharply reduce healthcare costs, secure our food supply and maybe end illegal votes in an election.

As you can imagine, companies are falling over each other branding themselves as “blockchain plays” in the hopes of fooling investors. Then there are dozens of companies that are legitimate players in this high growth, disruptive industry. As always, there will be a small number of big winners, some pretty good performers and then some companies that flame out.

You can try to pick out the winners but a better way is to invest in a blockchain ETF. Unfortunately, the nine ETFs that label themselves “blockchain” are not the right call.

The Power Trend Trader has uncovered the best blockchain ETF and we will immediately send this to you as a new subscriber.


How to Join Strategic Wealth to Access 24 Power Trend Trades Over the Next Year


A system like the Power Trend Trader can be quite expensive selling for as much as $5,000 a year.

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