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In order to keep the lights on and continue to provide quality original content, Financial-News-Now may accept paid sponsorship (subject to qualifying to publish under strict due diligence by both Financial-News-Now and its contributors).

– Veritas Pharma Inc. (OTC: VRTHF, CSE: VRT, FRA: 2VP), the company featured in this report, appears as paid advertising, paid by the company. J William Roberts received a seven thousand five hundred dollar fee to cover editorial costs associated with this report and article. J William Roberts is the pen name of a ghost writer for some of the biggest names in the financial services industry. Financial-News-Now stands to make a profit from the marketing services charged. Veritas Pharma has paid or expects to pay upwards of three hundred fourteen thousand, five hundred and five dollars as a total production budget for a six month advertising effort.

– Sproutly Canada Inc (OTCQB: SRUTF, CSE: SPR, FRA: 38G), the company featured in this report, appears as paid advertising, paid by the company. Financial-News-Now stands to make a profit from the marketing services charged. Sproutly has paid or expects to pay upwards of three hundred ninety-eight thousand, seven hundred fifty dollars for a four month advertising effort.

– VirtualArmour International Inc. (OTCQB: VTLR, CSE: VAI, FRA: 3V3), the company featured in this report, appears as paid advertising, paid by the company. Financial-News-Now stands to make a profit from the marketing services charged. VirtualArmour has paid or expects to pay upwards of two hundred forty-seven thousand dollars for a six month advertising effort.

– Sproutly Canada Inc (OTCQB: SRUTF, CSE: SPR, FRA: 38G), the company featured in this report, appears as paid advertising, paid by the company. Financial-News-Now stands to make a profit from the marketing services charged. Sproutly has paid or expects to pay upwards of one hundred and thirty thousand dollars for a three month advertising effort.

APRIL 2019:
– Sproutly Canada Inc (OTCQB: SRUTF, CSE: SPR, FRA: 38G), the company featured in this report, appears as paid advertising, paid by the company. Financial-News-Now stands to make a profit from the marketing services charged. Sproutly has paid or expects to pay upwards of two hundred forty-six thousand and eight hundred dollars for a three month advertising effort.

JULY 2019:
– MF Williams was paid a fee of US$7,500 for six months of coverage for Koios Beverage Corp (OTC: KBEVF / CSE: KBEV).


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