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World’s First Psychedelic Wellness Company Delic Holdings Leads $70 Billion Mental Health Drug Revolution

The psychedelics sector could be even more profitable for investors than early cannabis stocks!

Peter Thiel’s ATAI Life Sciences Showcases the Potential for Psychedelics Companies Like DELIC Holdings (DELC/ DELCF) & Allied Corp (ALID)

Peter Thiel’s bet on ATAI Life Sciences appears to be paying off but could companies like Allied Corp and Delic Holdings steal the show?

This Cutting-Edge Psychedelics and Cannabis Company Is Positioned to Dominate the Global Mental Health Market

For over two years now, the FDA has been fast-tracking psilocybin for treatment of PTSD. It’s time for savvy investors to act on these opportunities.

Revive Therapeutics, MindMed, Compass Pathways & Delic Corp Embark on Psychedelics MDMA, Ayahuasca, Psilocybin & Ketamine

Human technology and innovation have continually reached new heights since man first went into space…