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DISCLOSURE: Stock gains table
PUBLISHED: 12/16/19 NIO Ltd (NYSE: NIO) $2.48 | SHARE HIGH: $62.70 01/11/2021
PUBLISHED: 03/26/20 Sona Nanotech (CSE: SONA) $1.17 | SHARE HIGH: $15.20 07/27/2020
PUBLISHED: 09/01/20 MindMed Inc (NEO: MMED) $0.485 | SHARE HIGH: $5.60 12/14/2020
PUBLISHED: 07/28/19 Else Nutrition Holdings (TSX-V: BABY) $0.60 | SHARE HIGH: $4.86 11/30/2020
PUBLISHED: 11/05/19 Draganfly Inc (CSE: DFLY) $0.52 | SHARE HIGH: $3.80 01/26/2021
PUBLISHED: 05/18/20 Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) $162.73 | SHARE HIGH: $883.09 01/26/2021
PUBLISHED: 05/18/20 RumbleOn, Inc (NASDAQ: RMBL) $11.34 | SHARE HIGH: $48.50 2/5/2021
PUBLISHED: 11/30/20 Next Green Wave Holdings Inc (CSE: NGW) $0.35 | SHARE HIGH: $0.92 02/5/2021