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Why Invest in Rare Earths Now

America’s rare earths and tech metal supply chain fragility is both dangerous and puzzling.

Understanding Battery Metals and the New Electric Economy: The Ultimate Investment Opportunity of 2023

Today we are taking a deeper look into the fast-evolving and high-growth battery market.

How to Get Exposure to Renewable Energy Commodities Without Actually Owning Tesla (TSLA) Stock

The current and upcoming electric (EV) car boom is driving a transfer of energy investment, but there are far better ways to get exposure to this lucrative market than TSLA

The Golden Triangle Is Primed to Shine Including Seabridge Gold, Skeena Resources and Pretivm Resources

The Golden Triangle region in Northwestern British Columbia, located in the northwestern region of the province, and contains some of the most important deposits of gold in Canada's history.

BETTING ON EVs: Investing in Your Family’s Future Could Include Gratomic, Lithium South and Sony

One such measure which is becoming increasingly popular is to advocate for the use of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in a bid to reduce the stress on the environment and in doing so, reduce carbon footprints.

The White Gold Rush Is On: 3 Lithium Stocks for the Intelligent Investor Including Lithium Americas & American Lithium

The white gold rush is on! Demand for lithium, the critical component in rechargeable batteries and main driver in the EV (Electric Vehicle space)...

This Green Investment Bull Will Run Wild and Long as We Move to a Post-Carbon Economy

Well, here’s a surprise that should come as no surprise. The EV wave is coming bigger and faster—five years faster—than previously expected.

Gratomic Inc. (TSX-V: GRAT / OTCQX: CBULF) Uniquely Positioned in Valuable and Hot Graphite Market

Battery metals have been the focus of junior and microcap investors over the past several...

Copper VS Gold: Enormous Bull Run Anticipated for Top Copper Stocks

In late 2018, I told readers that the bull would run in the copper market before most of the crowd started to see this reality: long term, copper...

GOLD BULL MARKET: The Best Gold Stock You’ve Never Heard of… Yet!

Gold is back. After years of watching faltering starts and fizzling rallies, the gold market is at last showing the kind of strength we’ve been anticipating for the past five+ years.
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