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Saul Bowden
Saul covers overlooked market trends and undervalued sectors. Over the past several years, he has worked with and covered companies operating on the cutting edge of innovation in AR/VR, cryptocurrency, drone tech, and countless other sectors. Saul views investment developments with a global eye and helps investors to understand how they fit into the overall big picture.
Articles: 24
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This event has been one of the most anticipated moments in the crypto market in 2022, impacting the market for the foreseeable future.
4 Lessons Investors Should Learn from Crypto Winter 2022 (Spoiler Alert: Invest in ETH!)
Let’s focus on four key lessons that you can learn from the cryptocurrency crash, and use that to determine a strategy to move forward with.
Will 2023 Be the Year That Finally Kills Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin (BTC)?
2022 has seen one of the longest crypto bear markets yet — is there any chance of recovery in 2023?
How to Get Exposure to Renewable Energy Commodities Without Actually Owning Tesla (TSLA) Stock
The current and upcoming electric (EV) car boom is driving a transfer of energy investment, but there are far better ways to get exposure to this lucrative market than TSLA
Bank of America Is Wrong: Inflation Won’t Increase the Price of Bitcoin
The words I am about to write are tantamount to a cardinal sin for a pro-crypto writer & investor...