Blake Desaulniers
For more than 25 years, Blake Desaulniers has worked for some of North America’s most prominent investment newsletters and advisory services. His specialty is identifying important trends and technologies before they become common knowledge, and pinpointing the companies best positioned to capitalize on them. Blake has provided direction and editorial for Equity Magazine, BC Business, Financial World, Prospector News, and is the current Editor in Chief at Northern Equity Research.
Articles: 22
How Far Will the Telehealth Juggernaut Go? Are Buying Opportunities Opening up for Teladoc (TDOC) & Cerner Corp (CERN)?
The COVID-19 pandemic simply accelerated progress, and now Telehealth has become one of the hottest sectors.
World’s First Psychedelic Wellness Company Delic Holdings Leads $70 Billion Mental Health Drug Revolution
The psychedelics sector could be even more profitable for investors than early cannabis stocks!
Exploding Esports Space Setting Up for OverActive Media, Electronic Arts, and Enthusiast Gaming
The growth numbers and the expected upside in the emerging esports sector will surely rev up the heart rate of most savvy investors.
This Green Investment Bull Will Run Wild and Long as We Move to a Post-Carbon Economy
Well, here’s a surprise that should come as no surprise. The EV wave is coming bigger and faster—five years faster—than previously expected.
$2 Trillion US Infrastructure Plan Amounts to Massive Investment Opportunities
Two trillion dollars is a lot of money. That’s how much the proposed Biden stimulus plan injects into the US economy.
The Final Frontier: How You Can Invest In the Space Race Like Musk, Bezos and Branson
Making money in the stock market isn’t rocket science. Unless, that is, you’re investing in, well, rocket science.
The Gravity of the Upcoming Onslaught of Electric Vehicles; Is This the End of the Road for Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA)?
Competition is fast coming to the electric vehicle (EV) market in a big, big way. While Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) will surely lose market share...
Telemedicine & Renewable Energy Stocks Lead the Way in a Post-Covid World
With COVID-19 vaccinations underway worldwide, expectations of a return to normal have begun to grow. But that normal won’t exactly be the one we left behind in March 2020.
Copper VS Gold: Enormous Bull Run Anticipated for Top Copper Stocks
In late 2018, I told readers that the bull would run in the copper market before most of the crowd started to see this reality: long term, copper...
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