Blake Desaulniers
For more than 25 years, Blake Desaulniers has worked for some of North America’s most prominent investment newsletters and advisory services. His specialty is identifying important trends and technologies before they become common knowledge, and pinpointing the companies best positioned to capitalize on them. Blake has provided direction and editorial for Equity Magazine, BC Business, Financial World, Prospector News, and is the current Editor in Chief at Northern Equity Research.
Articles: 20
Spy Tech Exposed Creating Massive $145 Billion Opportunity for Domestic Drone Technology!
Pentagon officials broke the news. Illicit spying technology was discovered to be secretly implanted in Chinese drones.
Planet 13, Cronos Group and Village Farms Lead Best Cannabis Investment Bargains for 2020
Cannabis stocks have been badly beaten up over the past several months — which is good news for the contrarians among us.
Top 5G Investment Picks Set to Outperform!
Let’s just put it bluntly, right up front. In case you haven’t heard, 5G amounts to a massive investment opportunity. 5G is the next generation of wireless networks! This next phase of wireless...
BAM: Smart Cities + 5G = Incredible Opportunities for Investors
You’ve gotta’ love inflection points. Looking back, of course, they’re easy to spot. But a bit tricky to ultimately predict, for most of us. But when you do get it right–Bam!
Category Killer: How to Play the Next Marijuana Super-Cycle
Sproutly Inc. (OTCQB: SRUTF, CSE: SPR, FRA: 38G) has made a deal for a breakthrough, patent pending discovery, whereby the active compounds, the THC and CBDs in marijuana...
Investors are Betting on E-Scooters and Micromobilty in the RideShare Economy
Overnight, an infestation descended on city streets. It was a swarm. What was once a benign child’s toy suddenly became a civic scourge.
The Sleeping Dragon Awakens
I’ve had a weather eye on gold for more than a year now. Gold could be the dark horse winner of 2019. I see the potential for mounting inflationary pressures after the US provided a massive tax cut while the economy was...
Copper’s Electrifying Outlook
According to almost all estimates, the long-term trend for copper prices points upward, and current market conditions, a pullback from recent highs, marks a potential entry point for smart money investors. The fundamentals of...
Have Lithium and Cobalt Become Bonafide Tech Plays?
As the global transition to a post-carbon economy accelerates, there is absolutely no doubt that electrical storage technology will be a critical component of the world’s energy future.
Eastside Distilling: Riding to Whiskey Fame and Fortune
Forget Kentucky. Oregon is now the new home of America’s hottest whiskey. The company driving the revolution is Eastside Distilling, Inc. of Portland (NASDAQ: EAST).