Blake Desaulniers
For more than 25 years, Blake Desaulniers has worked for some of North America’s most prominent investment newsletters and advisory services. His specialty is identifying important trends and technologies before they become common knowledge, and pinpointing the companies best positioned to capitalize on them. Blake has provided direction and editorial for Equity Magazine, BC Business, Financial World, Prospector News, and is the current Editor in Chief at Northern Equity Research.
Articles: 22
Have Lithium and Cobalt Become Bonafide Tech Plays?
As the global transition to a post-carbon economy accelerates, there is absolutely no doubt that electrical storage technology will be a critical component of the world’s energy future.
Eastside Distilling: Riding to Whiskey Fame and Fortune
Forget Kentucky. Oregon is now the new home of America’s hottest whiskey. The company driving the revolution is Eastside Distilling, Inc. of Portland (NASDAQ: EAST).