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Draganfly Could Soon Dominate a Market Targeting Health and Thermal Imaging That Is on Track to Hit $5 Billion by 2025!

Blake Desaulniers
December 8, 2020
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Editor’s Note: On July 30, 2021, Draganfly uplisted to NASDAQ under the symbol “DPRO.”

As a COVID-19 Wave Surges Across the Country (As If the First Wave Wasn’t Bad Enough), This Investment Could Be Huge!

Draganfly Vital Intelligence Technology Reducing the Spread of COVID-19 in Schools

WATCH VIDEO: Draganfly Breakthrough Health Diagnosis Technology to Detect & Monitor COVID-19

Smart Thermal Imaging Technology Is the Foundation of All Virus Detection. Now Is the Time to Consider Adding Shares of Draganfly Inc. (OTCQB: DFLYF / CSE: DFLY / FSE: 3U8A) to Your Growth Portfolio.

COVID-19 and many future virus outbreaks could be mitigated and controlled with this revolutionary Draganfly technology.

  • Draganfly (OTCQB: DFLYF / CSE: DFLY / FSE: 3U8A) has aggressively moved to acquire and build out a world-class health monitoring technology to help mitigate this current global health crisis and get in front of future health events.
  • Company management is now fast-tracking and getting in front of its corporate initiatives as COVID continues to impact the lives of millions of people across the globe.
  • Draganfly and partners have installed their fixed health monitoring systems at Alabama State University, with the expectation of many more customers to come.

Enormous social and economic benefits are anticipated with widespread deployment of Draganfly technology. It could eliminate the need for closing public venues throughout 2021 as a tactic to control the virus, allowing for time to vaccinate the entire North American population.

Top financial beneficiaries could be the airline industry, casinos, food processing plants, TV & film production, shopping malls and corporate office buildings, to serve as examples.

Draganfly's ground-based Vital Intelligence technology takes health measurements to help mitigate potential COVID-19 virus threats when entering schools, airports, senior long-term health care facilities, government buildings, casinos, and a multitude of additional applications.

When installed at any choke point where crowds pass through public gateways or entry points, Draganfly’s Vital Intelligence technology can accomplish in seconds what takes hours with one-by-one individual health screenings. Just stand in front of a screen, health measurements are taken, and go about your day, healthy and safe, moving forward to your destination.

It boils down to a simple check for fever, heart rate, and actions demonstrating coughing or sneezing. In addition, the technology gauges blood oxygen saturation from a video stream of a person's face. Also known as SpO2, blood oxygen saturation is a measure of how well the lungs absorb oxygen.

Instead of testing each person individually, Draganfly’s Vital Intelligence technology detects fever as a person passes through a fixed screening portal. People move freely and with minimal interruption quickly as a result, with little time spent in a crowded line that amplifies the potential for disease spreading.

In addition, Draganfly announced a “Safe Set Solution” initiative with Enderby Entertainment to serve as the exclusive partner to offer Draganfly’s technology to the global TV and film industry.

The advantages are huge and the implications to the Draganfly product line could also have an enormous long-term global impact beyond COVID-19, including other forms of further health monitoring. This could also position the company as a potential technology powerhouse well into the future.

The promise of this important health screening technology should be reviewed and considered carefully by any investor seeking early entry into an emerging technology opportunity.

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Draganfly Believes That Its Vital Intelligence Health Technology Should and Could Be Deployed in Every School Nationwide

Draganfly installed at Alabama State University

As mentioned earlier, Alabama State University (“ASU”) selected Draganfly’s Vital Intelligence Smart Thermal Temperature Assessment Stations, Vital Signs Assessment Stations and Social Distancing awareness technologies to be used campus-wide to detect potential symptoms of COVID-19.

“Every dollar spent on prevention is a dollar saved on operation costs that would be impacted if we had to shut down due to a COVID-19 outbreak,” said Dr. Quinton T. Ross Jr, Alabama State University President. “We are committed to having processes and innovative tools such as Draganfly in place to help us to ensure that our faculty, staff and students remain safe.”

"The Smart Thermal Temperature Screening Stations are an added layer of protocols that assist us in identifying and mitigating the risk of the spread of COVID-19. Draganfly has provided us with the approved requirements needed to do this effectively. The stations are an essential tool in screening large groups of people in a short period of time.”[2]

In addition to nationwide colleges and universities, there are nearly 131,000 K-12 schools in America hosting almost 50.8 million students. If adopted nationwide, Draganfly’s Vital Intelligence technology could become an important safety tool for school facilities. The revenue potential could be in the hundreds of millions, and schools could just be a starting point.

COVID-19 Detection Without the Need for Personal Screening! This Is Urgently Needed!

The promise is one that everyone wants. Public areas no longer restricted. Crowds moving reasonably freely just as they did pre-COVID. This stunning new technology has been tested using widely available video monitoring systems common in fixed and portable systems.

Draganfly may hold the solution that every American school, hospital, casino, public arena, and high-traffic business should consider deploying to once again open to the public and resume their usual operations in 2021 and beyond.

Equally important is ensuring that anywhere people congregate, appropriate social distancing is strongly maintained. The latter has vexed officials since the outset of this pandemic.

Leading technology simply has not been widely available that can alert officials and building managers to the problem areas and protocols that lead to crowd densities and disease exposure.

Draganfly already has a solution in place.

Draganfly’s Vital Intelligence technology was the first health technology in the world to prove its effectiveness in aerial applications. It is now being applied in fixed, on-ground venues including senior centers, crowded cities, beaches, train stations, parks and recreation areas, shopping centers, and other areas where people tend to gather.

Draganfly is already world-famous for its heat detection technology applications. The company was the first ever to successfully deploy sensitive heat detection technology in drone-mounted search and rescue operations.

Early Drone-Mounted Technology Saves a Life, the First Event of Its Kind Ever Accomplished!

Draganfly made big news in 2013 for tracking down a 25-year-old man near frozen in the Canadian wilderness. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) received a distress call from the man who had been ejected from his car following a late night roll-over accident. The scene was sub-freezing, knee deep snow shortly after midnight.

Live stream image from a Draganfly X4-ES drone that the RCMP utilized to assist search and rescue efforts in a hard to access/dangerous area.

RCMP deployed its Draganfly X4-ES quadcopter equipped with highly sensitive infrared sensors. Hovering near the scene of the rollover, the Draganfly IR sensors detected the faint image of the near-death man. Rescue teams quickly responded to save the man’s life.[3]

I don’t know about you, but for me, this singular event serves as a foundational example of Draganfly’s commitment to pioneering technology for advancement in the public health and safety sectors. I love this company!

Dramatic rescues are but one of the many missions for which Draganfly engineers design the technology carried aloft by the company’s drones. Draganfly is working hard on innovations that put technology to work on growing opportunities for commercial use as well as answering urgent priorities now being set by military, public safety and Homeland Security.

Clearly, Draganfly’s Vital Intelligence Technology Could Lead America’s Return to Normalcy and Beyond!

Draganfly could revolutionize public health monitoring and go a long way in preventing another resurgence in COVID-19 and other future health outbreaks.

Before another health crisis happens, you could do well by looking deeper into the opportunity that Draganfly presents in advance of what many say is sure to come. In addition, Draganfly could be another tool in monitoring everyday health events such as the common flu, so this makes it even more attractive as a potential investment opportunity.

Without question, businesses, schools, public institutions, travel, etc., all must be made safe and functional regardless of  COVID-19 or any other future world health event.

It’s not just a public health issue; the military recognizes the threat potential as well.

National Review described it on July 7 this way: “Extra-political crises — pandemics, global economic crashes, natural disasters — typically accelerate geopolitical trends rather than transforming them, and the COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. We could dodge this bullet, but we need to be prepared for the next one.” [6]

How do we prepare? Prevent the spread of the disease by detecting it as early as possible before it infects large populations.

In the next few months, much must be done to meet that goal. While biolabs continue to work feverishly to develop therapies and vaccines, technology must also be deployed that allows public health officials to act quickly against COVID-19 and any future outbreaks.

Their number one tool in that effort will be detection technology and Draganfly has that in place, right now.

Thanks in large part to the outbreak of COVID-19, the smart thermal imaging marketplace is set to nearly double in size over the next few years topping $5.6 billion worldwide. Draganfly sits very well positioned in this market being part of a small handful of companies to succeed at smart thermal imaging technology in the world.

Draganfly Has Been a Technology Innovator for Decades. And It All Began With Its Work at Incorporating Cutting-Edge Technology Mounted on Quadcopter Drones — Its Core Business

Draganfly was the first company in the world to introduce to market what has become the ubiquitous quadcopter drone. That early product triggered a cascade of innovation that earned the company worldwide recognition. In fact, the Draganfly X4-ES quadcopter mentioned earlier earned a place in the Smithsonian. And that's not all...

Mission-Critical Lifesaving Solutions...

Draganfly drones can be configured and tasked to deliver critical supplies such as blood and medical equipment to battle-torn areas.

Draganfly develops technologies that can deliver life-saving provisions. Under intense and dangerous conditions, the time-critical transfer of vital supplies can be key to survival. Reliability, speed and accuracy can literally save lives.

These are the performance attributes that Draganfly has become known for and what has come to be expected from drone technologies in mission-critical scenarios.

The same equipment and technology can be used for disaster relief by first responders, police, fire and emergency personnel.

An Emerging Technology for Securing U.S. Borders...

Draganfly has built the Tango2 fixed wing surveillance drone at a fraction of the cost of other drones with similar capabilities that have been designed to detect, classify and capture drug traffickers, potential terrorists and illegal migrants entering the U.S. through the southern border.

Aerial surveillance of America’s southern border is already underway with military Predator drones to stem the flow of illegal immigrants, drug traffickers and potential terrorists. But preparation, launch and flight costs are absolutely staggering.

A single Predator drone costs $20 million with an over-the-top $3,600+/hour flight time cost! At that cost only a handful of Predator drones can be used to monitor nearly 2,000+ miles of the U.S. southern border.[7]

Draganfly engineers developed fixed wing surveillance drones that can be deployed by the hundreds at a fraction the cost of the Predator. They can be launched wherever needed by ground personnel with the potential to log 12+ hours of flight time over hundreds of miles. This is another example of the tech Draganfly builds for specific critical situations.

Securing Air Space Such as Airports, Refineries and Other Critical Infrastructure from Rogue Aerial Borne Threats

During the holiday rush in 2018, England’s Gatwick Airport was shut down for 36 hours as officials grappled with the detection of two small drones operating anonymously on the airport perimeter. Over 140,000 passengers were reported to have suffered flight delays and cancellations.[8]

Similar events have been reported globally. Luckily, none have led to accidents, but aviation officials remain worried. One small drone strike can bring a plane down.

Draganfly has engineered solutions, including task-specific drones that can locate and neutralize a rogue threat. One approach is to destroy the offending drone; another option is to capture it, neutralize it and bring it to a secured safe location or disposal site.

Draganfly also builds military-grade counter-terrorism solutions that can be applied to hostile drones conducting a terrorist attack on infrastructure or targeting U.S. citizens; potentially carrying a weapon such as an explosive device or biohazard materials; or a purpose-built drone for recon like the Mexican drug cartels use at the U.S. southern border right now.

These types of solutions are especially useful in protecting the airspace of any large-scale public gathering in need of extraordinary security measures. And with over 1,100 commercial airports and thousands of infrastructure facilities and public event venues operating in the U.S., Canada and Mexico alone, the market potential is significant.[9]

This is a massive market that Draganfly is just beginning to address and could soon become a major focus of their business.

Diverse Catalog of Drone-Specific Solutions!
Here Are Just a Few Highlights...

High altitude made easy
designed a payload capacity and flight time to carry high-resolution imaging equipment to places where few dare to go. Visual inspection of hard-to-reach structures, such as wind turbines, pipelines, bridges and buildings, can be completed in a fraction of the time with greatly reduced risk and expense.


Digital forensics in real time
A Draganfly drone equipped with a high-resolution camera, infrared detector or LIDAR mapping technology gives a critical view of crime scene and disaster sites, providing data analysis to law enforcement and emergency response teams. Draganfly engineers these task-specific drones with robust capabilities that can be easily operated on-site and perform all duties under the most demanding conditions.


Conservation and resource management
drones equipped with state-of-the-art imaging technologies can quickly and efficiently traverse large areas for data collection and analysis. Disease and pest infestations can be identified and targeted for intervention. Wildlife populations can be quickly and accurately counted. Terrain can be mapped and measured. These are but a few of the applications that could replace costly and time-consuming field personnel work.

Drones are being used in a variety of industries and applications to collect data, provide real-time situational assessments, inspect infrastructure, monitor landscapes and installations, plus much more. Draganfly’s current direct sales efforts now span six distinct market sectors:


In the coming months, the company also plans to focus on selling its products and engineering services to the U.S. government through contacts established from existing contract engineering services with military contractors.

In the private sector, Draganfly is growing its service contracts to major corporations seeking new solutions to ongoing business challenges.

New Horizons... Putting Boots in the Air

Ask any farmer, the most important thing he can put on the ground are his boots. Crop inspection during growing season is essential to a successful harvest. However, covering hundreds, even thousands of acres of ground can be a daunting task.

Draganfly has created specialized drones that carry advanced imaging equipment specifically designed to gather key data farmers need to identify problem areas that require prompt intervention. Thousands of acres can be inspected in a single day — something that would take days to complete on foot.

Draganfly expects that this model can catch the attention of the agricultural organizations and farmers who are well known for being early adopters of new technologies.

Developed to meet agricultural specifications from the University of Saskatchewan Plant Sciences department, Draganfly equipment has been designed to carry dual cameras feeding data in real time to ground-based equipment, all developed by Draganfly engineers.

Therein lies a key difference in what makes Draganfly unique.

Unlike other competitors, Draganfly designs and builds its drone product solutions with turnkey capabilities. It’s not just the flying platform they sell, it’s the entire package — from software to hardware to flight training and operations... all of it specifically targeted to the very unique needs of the client.

Customers routinely approach Draganfly with a challenge and the company solves it, period!

A New Era in Aviation That’s Seeing Unprecedented Growth Worldwide

Draganfly is already flying...and that could put it on Wall Street’s radar!

After two decades operating as a private company, Draganfly (OTCQB: DFLYF / CSE: DFLY / FSE: 3U8A) is now publicly trading. This represents an outstanding opportunity to secure a ground-floor position if you choose to act now.

This could be perfect timing for a growth-motivated investor. Following the federal government decision to ban the use of all Chinese drone technologies, billions of dollars in future purchase orders will be prioritized for domestic drone manufacturers.

Draganfly is well positioned to reap enormous revenue gains as the Pentagon, the Department of Homeland Security and civil agencies nationwide move aggressively into deploying custom drones and technology payloads.

“Drones are a really hot technology area right now which is often underestimated and not widely covered... What they don’t realize is that commercial drones have become a billion dollar market in recent years in industries like energy, construction, and agriculture.”

— Knud Lasse Lueth, Managing Director, IoT Analytics [10]

And now, new public health priorities triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic propel enormous potential for rapid deployment of Draganfly’s Vital Intelligence technology to millions of public venues such as schools, hospitals, casinos, sports arenas, and much more.

This is happening in real time! The opportunity is now!

Draganfly’s internal robotics program has led to the development of the DraganScout, which contains a patented folding wheel design that morphs into different shapes. This intuitive feature makes the robot multi-mission capable to traverse a wide range of obstacles and even climb stairs, allowing for various applications such as drug & bomb inspection in order to keep law enforcement safe.

In addition, the company has introduced its Draganfly DraganScout, a ground-based robot that can be dynamically reconfigured to run fast, climb stairs, or tackle the most difficult obstacles. Combine this agility with a telescopic boom, a variety of payloads, excellent wireless range, and you have a versatile security and defense tool.

The Draganfly DraganScout offers a powerful payload to provide live data, video, and audio directly to a handheld controller or other networked devices. Some uses include inspection work or on-scene, connected to a mobile command post, hostage negotiator van, bomb squad detector, or crime scene investigation.

It makes good sense to start your due diligence, as this is a rapidly emerging market. If you’re inclined to make an aggressive investment capable of potential enormous payouts, DFLY shares should at a minimum be on your watch list.

So, What Next?

First step: Contact your broker and get Draganfly Inc. (OTCQB: DFLYF / CSE: DFLY / FSE: 3U8A) on your watch list. Better still, consider getting started with an investment of your own. If you choose that route, keep in mind that DFLY, while experienced, is still a newly emerging public company that presents significant risk of loss to early investors.

Do not invest anything more than you are willing to lose... but keep in mind, this is an industry just getting started and that’s exactly the point in time when early investors stand to reap the greatest rewards.

Remember the early days of PCs? Futurist magazine Wired called this six years ago...

"Just as the 1970s saw the birth and rise of the personal computer, this decade will see the ascendance of the personal drone. We’re entering the Drone Age."[11]

How rich would you be had you secured a ground-floor position in personal computing? Don’t be caught looking back wondering where you were at the time. The dawn of the “drone age” and increased need for health monitoring is here now and this could be the ideal time to get on board!

Even a cursory search of the emerging market for these segments can confirm this.

And before you begin your market research, take a moment to navigate to the Draganfly investor presentation and familiarize yourself with the company, its products and its prospects for future growth. That will put much of what the company is doing into the proper perspective.

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Whatever you do, immediately start your research on Draganfly! We anticipate that on top of growing demand for Draganfly’s groundbreaking technology, drones and aerial applications, public health demand for its ground-based Vital Intelligence technology could skyrocket. You might not want to be left behind standing on the launch pad!

From the outset in 1998 when it introduced the world’s first quadcopter drone, Draganfly management recognized the incredible commercial and security potential of its next-level technological abilities beyond just the drone market.

Over two decades of research and development, company engineers succeeded in designing and building drones that revolutionize industrial, security and military operational challenges.

Draganfly is on track to lead one of the fastest growing industries of our lifetime! This is, in my opinion, a smart early investment that could lead to profitable rewards. This is why I have invested myself.

Yes, I’ve made an early investment in what I believe to be a transformational opportunity into today's domestic drone and health technology space. Look… I could be wrong… but I’ve bet my own money on this!

Next Steps for Investors

Draganfly Inc. (OTCQB: DFLYF / CSE: DFLY / FSE: 3U8A) listed on the public markets just over 12 months ago. It’s still early in the game as the company prepares an aggressive push to become what could be the world’s top commercial technology company delivering early solutions to combat COVID-19 and beyond!


The United States (and the world) cannot withstand ongoing lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic...nor any potential future public health crisis. People could be allowed to return to work, school, and other venues by installing Draganfly's Vital Intelligence technology.


The world drone market (Draganfly's core business) is taking off at a breathtaking pace. The annual market size is projected to leap from $23 billion last year to an astonishing $145 billion by 2025.


Much of the domestic market for drones has been entirely disrupted by the Pentagon’s decision to ban the use of Chinese-made drone technology — a decision that has since extended into other branches of government across the board. As deployment of small drone technologies expands in the military, homeland security and public safety sectors, high priority for future contracts will be given to North American companies. This seriously cannot be understated!


Draganfly is the oldest and one of the most experienced North American commercial drone design and airborne technology manufacturers operating in the world today. Now that the company is publicly traded, any potential shareholder interest could be securing a ground-floor position in a company that, in my opinion, seems destined for explosive growth, in a market that is projected to soar over 10-fold in the coming five years. Now is the ideal time to begin your research and consider getting on board!


While Draganfly started as a drone company, it has advanced into a multi-faceted technology powerhouse adopting new technologies while advancing into other verticals such as health monitoring and robotics to capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

Make the move, I already have… Begin your due diligence now!

Blake Desaulniers, Contributor
for Investors News Service

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