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Carl Delfeld
Carl Delfeld is the Managing Director of Alquimista and Chief Emerging Markets Analyst with Cabot Wealth. He was a columnist with Forbes Asia, and has authored four books on global investing. Carl has been an international banker in London and Boston and a vice president and director of Asia-Pacific for Robert W. Baird & Company. After serving as a consultant on Asian emerging markets with the U.S. Treasury and U.S. Congress, he was appointed to be a U.S. Representative to the Asian Development Bank in Manila. He is currently publisher of Strategic Wealth.
Articles: 18
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America’s rare earths and tech metal supply chain fragility is both dangerous and puzzling.
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There is a compelling reason for gold, commodities and other strategies to protect your portfolio.
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If the top risks to the world right now are climate change and geo-political conflict, the growth of nuclear energy in both America and China is essential.
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America’s rivalry with China in the coming decade is of great consequence. It will determine whether America’s leading role on the world stage will be confirmed or upended.
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The Best Way to Hedge Instability and the U.S. Dollar During COVID-19
In the postwar period through 2019, the federal government borrowed an average of 2.1% of GDP each year. With the $1.1 trillion deficit projected...
Could Inflation Be the Next Virus? Does Franco-Nevada and VanEck Merk Gold Provide a Win?
As encouraging as the recent market gains have been for investors with the S&P 500 up 30% from lows on March 23 as of today, big dramatic moves both up and down are a hallmark of stressed markets.
Is the COVID-19 Coronavirus a Stock Market Black Swan Event?
Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang described the epidemic and resulting widespread quarantine as a Black Swan event. Is he right?
Australia May Be the Smartest Way to Capitalize on China’s Growth
Now that America and China have declared a truce, is it time to jump into Chinese stocks? And will concerns over Chinese growth slowing...