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World’s First Psychedelic Wellness Company DELIC Holdings Leads $70 Billion Mental Health Drug Revolution

Broadcast Bob
June 8, 2021

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DELIC is positioned as an early leader in a huge $70 billion market with enormous unmet demand.


DELIC founders are following the proven billion-dollar business model they helped create to drive enormous value in the cannabis market. With management’s previous time spent at High Times, the largest cannabis publication in the world founded in 1974, this comes with an enormous connected network. This value-add for shareholders entering the psychedelics sector cannot go unnoticed.


DELIC recently acquired Ketamine Infusion Centers LLC (KIC) with operations in both California and Arizona. Over the past 3 years, KIC has overseen 4,000 treatments and is profitable! This is a potential game changer to not only increase much-needed mental health solutions to a wider audience both young and old, but at the same time, increase immediate growth by expanding their clinic roll-out across America.


An innovative focus on science and IP related to psilocybin gives DELIC a potential multi-year head start. The company recently acquired Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures (CBDV), a licensed profitable psilocybin and cannabis research laboratory with existing blue chip clients. DELIC benefits from CBDV’s current revenue as well as now having a scientific team to build and commercialize psilocybin-related intellectual property for solutions associated with PTSD, anxiety, stress disorders, depression, alcoholism, and multiple other mental health issues. This is absolutely enormous!


The company has low start-up and operating costs, targeting strong profit margins, unlike competitors that require millions of dollars and several years to bring products to market. DELIC through a smart acquisition strategy is making this a reality now for investors.


DELIC is positioned to have first mover advantage and capture a market segment that has no dominant players yet.


Next to Compass Pathways, DELIC is one of the very rare psychedelics companies with support from big name billion-dollar value creators who are either on the board of directors or serve in an advisory capacity. These heavy backers are proven value creators!

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