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Cynthia Berryman
Cynthia Berryman covers markets and microcaps, and has written for financial newsletters that include The Motley Fool, Investor’s Business Daily, Forbes, Street Authority, and others. With keen insight into trends, she helped guide investors to safe dividend-paying stocks in 2007, high-flying resource stocks in 2011, and Bitcoin profits in 2017, as well as other prescient and profitable picks.
Articles: 13
Could Hemp and Cannabidiol (CBD) be the Answer to the Anxiety Epidemic?
If you’ve been stressed lately, you’re not alone. More Americans are stressed out than ever before. From tighter incomes to increased...
Discovering the Next Netflix Among Today’s Stocks
It’s not often that you find a 95-bagger, a stock that gives you gains of 95,000%. But that’s what you’d be pocketing if you had been an early investor in Netflix (NFLX). A simple $1,000 investment would have returned $950,000...
Cybersecurity stocks soaring in surging war against cybercrime
In a dull, windowless room within a secure facility somewhere in the grey expanse of Moscow, anonymous agents of the Russian government right now have their fingers on