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Time to take a deep breath and exhale slowly.

We are heading into unknown economic waters…

The US economy has come under inflation stress not seen since 2008/2009, but economic indicators are showing positive signs the economy is in decent shape.

Needless to say, capital markets are currently in shambles, and investors are taking a beating across the board — right from junior stocks through to blue-chip holdings.

As an investor myself, these are times to be adaptive in this highly dynamic stock market landscape. New strategies are needed to not only help protect assets, but to also provide some gains to offset rising inflation.

In this article I will go over current market forces that are unwinding in different directions on a daily basis and illustrate how the elite investor is looking to capitalize and protect assets in these uncertain times.

Read on to learn more…

Red and Green Signals

The US economy is flashing red and green at the same time, and it has economists scratching their heads as to what direction we will be heading in over the next 12 months.

On one hand, you have a red flag as the inflation rate spiked up to 8.5% in March 2022, a near 40-year high.[1]

This can be directly attributed to two things.

First is the quantitative easing that has been going on since March 2020 when the Federal Reserve wisely stepped in to save the economy from the COVID pandemic. Billions of free money was thrown into the monetary system with seemingly little impact on inflation. For the most part, there has been close to zero inflation for most of the past two years.

Inflation started to raise its head back in October 2021, and we have seen a steady increase from that point forward.

The second reason for rising inflation is the severe supply shock the world is experiencing as a direct result of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. That conflict, now in its third month, is negatively affecting the supply of many essential commodities including oil, wheat, cooking oils, palladium and nickel to name a few, sending their prices skyrocketing.

Those skyrocketing prices in turn get passed down the line to consumers in the form of higher food and energy costs.

Energy costs (fuel oil, gasoline, electricity and natural gas) made up 32% of consumer price increases over the past year.

Check out this 6-month chart for the wheat spot price. This will give you an idea of the huge increases in basic food prices, which is already translating to higher prices at grocery stores.




Below you can see the Consumer Price Index (CPI) chart to get an idea of where inflation is at since its last peak in the early 1980s.



On the other hand, the US economy looks healthy and is showing green trending signals.

In the past 12 months, employers added nearly 6.5 million jobs. Weekly jobless claims fell 5,000 to 180,000. Unemployment is now at a ridiculous low rate of 3.6%.[3]

For the first quarter this year, consumer spending was recently reported as rising a healthy 2.7% after inflation. This is the highest it has been in three quarters.

Business investment also surged 7.3%, the biggest increase in over a year.[4]

These stats show the economy is currently in good health despite such high inflationary numbers. I’m not so sure considering the war in Ukraine rages on, supply chain bottlenecks still persist, and consumer demand remains high. All these factors will likely weigh on the Consumer Price Index (CPI), or weighted average of a selection of consumer goods and services, for the coming months ahead.

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Tamping Down Inflationary Fires

The rising inflation rate is obviously alarming to many investors, and the Federal Reserve has kicked into high gear, working to mitigate further rising inflation and attempting to cool things down.

Their only tool to fight inflation is increasing interest rates. This is a double-edged sword because while that may bring the inflation rate down, rising rates could also have the negative effect of slowing the economy down too much, resulting in a possible recession.

I am hoping the FED finds that fine line balance in increasing rates to bring down inflation, but at the same time keep the capital markets moving forward. This is easier said than done.

US Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell’s recent language was strongly worded and echoes this sentiment:

“Inflation remains elevated, reflecting supply and demand imbalances related to the pandemic, higher energy prices and broader price pressures.”

“The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is causing tremendous human and economic hardship.”

“On the other hand,” he said, "Russia’s war in Ukraine is not only adding to inflation by raising the prices of crucial commodities like oil and wheat, it is increasing the uncertainty in the economic outlook.”

Mr. Powell maintained that the US economy remained strong and that this was a good time to prevent the “entrenchment” of runaway inflation.[5]

The Federal Reserve has announced a series of rate hikes over the coming year with whispers of pulling back on the quantitative easing that has been going on since the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

Obviously, markets are jittery. Where will we be in the coming 12 months?

Walking a tight rope would be putting the current situation mildly.

One thing is for sure, the war in Ukraine has to come to a peaceful solution sooner rather than later or we are all going to be feeling the pain in a big way.

External Forces at Work

As Mr. Powell pointed out, the Ukraine-Russia conflict is only making matters worse.

Aside from supply chain shocks due to rising commodity prices, Europe is in a high-risk position of losing their critical access to Russian oil and gas. As they send arms to Ukraine to confront the Russian invaders, they risk enraging Putin who will look for ways to retaliate.

If the Russians decide to cut off oil and gas supplies to the West, Europe would be devastated economically with reverberations that will be felt globally.

Is Russia, and specifically Putin, going to do that? I do not believe so. The Russian economy is extremely dependent on that oil and gas income, and they know they cannot live without it.

But I was wrong about the Ukraine invasion. I thought it was all a bluff to get concessions from Europe and the US.

At this point, I would have to say anything is possible with Putin. He has not acted rationally in a long time…

Add to the mix the recent resurgence of COVID in China with citywide lockdowns currently going on in several parts of the country. This could again adversely affect the supply chain channels in many industries, specifically in semiconductors and consumer electronic goods coming from Chinese factories.

Adaptive Strategies Used by Elite Investors

Investor sentiment right now is low, to say the least. Many investors are feeling pessimistic about the near-term future of the overall capital markets.

The NASDAQ Composite has fallen -18.7% from its high back on November 2021. A number of economists believe the risk of a recession is rising and could land in the next year or so.

While the specter of a recession sounds like a bad thing, such economic events are part of the natural ebb and flow of any developed economy whether within the US Capital Markets or internationally.

Investors should view recessions as an opportune time to buy shares of high-quality, well-run companies. I recently wrote an article about what prior stock market crashes can teach us.

In that article, my research strongly showed that historically market crashes have always turned positive. Seasoned elite investors have seen the value of their investments come back and continue to grow, given enough time and patience.

Warren Buffett

Whenever I am in a slump and feeling like everything is grey, I turn to the Oracle of Omaha, the OG of elite investors…

In a letter to Berkshire Hathaway investors back in 1986, I found this pearl of wisdom from Warren Buffet that helped me feel a bit of calm, even during this latest storm:[6]

“What we do know, however, is that occasional outbreaks of those two super-contagious diseases, fear and greed, will forever occur in the investment community.

“The timing of these epidemics will be unpredictable.

“And the market aberrations produced by them will be equally unpredictable, both as to duration and degree.

“Therefore, we never try to anticipate the arrival or departure of either disease.

“Our goal is more modest: we simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful.”

Repeat after me: Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.

The Best Inflation Investments for 2022

Certain equities offer a reliable haven during inflationary times and historically produce returns that exceed inflation.

There are a number of sectors that tend to be more protected from inflation and recessions. Below are some of the sectors that I believe are good choices for safe haven status. I have also included a few companies in each sector that will help jump start your research.

These potential recession-resistant stocks can help put your portfolio in a defensive posture if a bear market does indeed come into play.

Basic Materials: Lithium Mining

Lithium is critical in battery technology and renewable energy storage. It is a key component in moving our economy away from fossil fuels.

Lithium mining will continue to be a strong investment choice moving into the next couple of years as the green energy revolution continues to gain traction.

  • Lithium Americas Corp. (NYSE: LAC)
  • Albemarle Corporation (NYSE: ALB)
  • American Lithium Corp. (OTC: LIACF)… My Junior Pick!


Technology and Semiconductors:

Technology will continue its long-term growth well into the next couple of years and beyond. Our world will continue to see technology advance and this underlying need for semiconductors have an increasing role in playing a part in our daily lives moving forward.

Science fiction is happening now and investing in any of these three companies will most likely provide investors with a positive performance on their investments.

  • Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL)
  • QUALCOMM Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM)
  • Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS)


Infrastructure: 5G Broadband

No matter what happens to the economy, 5G broadband will continue to be rolled out by worldwide governments with help from large communications companies.

In fact, the US government has already allocated $65 billion in broadband spending.

Companies such as AT&T and Verizon use subcontractors to manage the work of installing new towers, transmitters and cabling.

These cell tower installation companies stand to gain big during the next 5 years. The 5G revolution will gain further traction as consumers begin to see the potential of this exciting advance in technology that will change all of our lives in fundamental ways.

FNN contributor Blake Desaulniers wrote an excellent report on 5G and the incredible opportunities for early investors. This is a must read.



Healthcare is another industry that is protected from inflationary or recessionary pressures. People will always need healthcare, and the aging population of baby boomers will only increase the growth potential for the healthcare industry.

Below are two companies that stood out in my research that look well-positioned to weather any economic storm.

  • Stryker Corporation (NYSE: SYK)
  • Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT)


Consumer Cyclical: Home Improvement

If and when the sh*t hits the economic fan, I believe these two companies are safe bets for investors. I went ahead and put in two consumer cyclical stocks as I see the DIY crowd utilizing the home improvement stores during times of economic stress.

If the water boiler goes out, do you call a repairman and spend an extra $550 for installation, or do you go on YouTube, learn how to do it and install the new boiler yourself? I’m going to lean towards do it yourself…

  • Lowe's Companies, Inc. (NYSE: LOW)
  • The Home Depot, Inc. (NYSE: HD)


Consumer Defensive:

No matter what happens in the next 12 months, consumers will still need to go out and buy essentials.

This sector will be virtually untouched by any economic headwinds that may lie ahead and could even see a bump as consumers take a pass on going out to eat at restaurants and spend more time at home.

  • Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT)


Elite Traders Know How to Adapt

If there is anything that we have learned over the course of many years in the markets, it is one thing: the markets always recover.

But we have to also be aware that certain sectors will be harder hit than others in any downturn. The elite investor knows that defensive positioning is critical in preserving asset gains.

The threat of inflation or a subsequent idea of a recession should be seen as an opportunity to fine-tune your holdings and pick up solid companies at value prices.

Warren Buffett has learned and practiced this one thing and look where he is today. I believe he is an excellent mentor to follow.  

Repeat after me: Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.

MF Williams, Contributor
for Investors News Service

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DISCLAIMER: Investing in any securities is highly speculative. Please be sure to always do your own due diligence before making any investment decisions. Read our full disclaimer here.

Published May 2022









Eastower Wireless (TSX-V: ESTW) Intends to Be a Major Player in the Historic US Nationwide Buildout of 5G Networks

The recently enacted federal infrastructure bill commits a whopping $65 billion for the nationwide rollout of bandwidth mandates and high-speed 5G technology.

With this legislation, I believe a singular investment opportunity arises unlike any seen in many decades... and with a long-standing record building communication networks... Eastower Wireless (TSX-V: ESTW) could rise as a major beneficiary of the money about to be spent.

Do not underestimate the enormity of this opportunity. 5G is a global phenomenon that promises to transform how the entire world does business. America has no choice but to launch this technology fast, and Eastower Wireless could rise as a major player for getting it done. It can't happen too soon, and it is that big.

For example, the UK's leading news publication The Telegraph declared 5G as “one of the most important developments in human history.” [1]

The World Economic Forum describes 5G as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, anticipating “it will be as revolutionary as electricity or the automobile.” [2]

If those claims aren’t convincing enough, wireless communication giant Qualcomm believes that 5G will be “bigger than electricity,” and predicts that by 2035, it will be a $12 trillion goods and services economy.[3]

US telecom giants have made initial progress opening cities and urban areas to 5G technology. But 5G must reach everywhere in America... and that's where the $65 billion in federal money and Eastower Wireless comes into play.

Hundreds of millions of 5G broadcast small-cell locations must be built to complete the nationwide rollout. As you will learn in this report, I believe Eastower Wireless (TSX-V: ESTW) is uniquely positioned to hit the ground running to get those small-node cellular wireless locations up and operating.

Unless you're in the industry, you may not know that Eastower has a long-standing relationship with the largest national “turf” vendor, as well as the largest US tower owner and operator.

These types of relationships put Eastower in the forefront of companies that could play a vital role in the national buildout of 5G networks.

With $65 billion committed nationally for the high bandwidth buildout, you're looking at pure financial rocket fuel for companies in the infrastructure wireless services space. This could launch Eastower shares to the moon!

Investors seeking immediate, wealth-building market opportunities should waste no time digging into the growth potential that Eastower Wireless (TSX-V: ESTW) could offer.

The investment opportunity seems obvious. 5G is deemed essential for our long-term security and global economic standing. 5G is literally the next important phase of technological advancement in the entire world.    

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The 5G Revolution

5G opens essential pathways for a multitude of technologies that enable America to keep abreast of everything ranging from advancements in healthcare, the Metaverse, transportation technology, green energy breakthroughs, and IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

We cannot ignore this crucial technological advancement that has the potential of changing the world. The federal government committed $65 billion to get this done, and chances are excellent that Eastower Wireless could be tapped for a role in the ultimate rollout through multiple telecommunication giants!

After years of operating as a privately held company, Eastower Wireless recently began publicly trading (TSX-V: ESTW). Few Main Street investors have taken notice that with 5G, Eastower Wireless could stand on the threshold of amazing growth...

For a wealth-building investment strategy, I believe it simply doesn't get much better than investing in the next great super-cycle of technology. Here we are!

Third-party analysts are forecasting enormous growth opportunities for 5G, and absolutely nothing in recent market history comes close to its potential. The industry is forecast to explode by mid-decade with a breathtaking Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of more than +122%.[4]

A +122% CAGR for 5G?! That's almost unheard of...

For comparison, the CAGR for the lithium carbonate market, which is on a tear right now, is projected at +14.5% growth through mid-decade.[5] That's a mere fraction of what is projected for the growth of 5G!

Return on investment (ROI) for companies exploiting 5G capabilities are projected for mid-decade at levels we've never seen in any capital markets sector... what could become an astonishing +160-fold growth rate! That's how massive 5G is expected to be.

The only thing needed for America are millions of new 5G installation points that must be built-out nationwide.

This is where Eastower Wireless could step up to become a go-to builder of our country's 5G networks.

Eastower Has Already Proven Itself as a Provider in 4G Networks. Now It's Picking up the Reins for America's Future 5G Networks

Typical 5G installation on light pole

Eastower has long had an important role in building America's wireless communication networks.

Over the years, Eastower has established solid relationships with the major telecom and technology giants, especially building and maintaining previous 3G & 4G networks. Now, these same telecom companies are moving hard into the 5G space. Most people don't know this, but the implications are huge.

For the everyday investor, Eastower sits totally off-the-radar, which I believe is clearly to your advantage as an early investor.

Few people outside the telecom services sector know about Eastower, its history, and most important, its capabilities. Neither had I until I began searching for investment opportunities within the huge 5G sector.

It should be noted, I am an investor in Eastower Wireless (TSX-V: ESTW), and I am unaware of any other pure play 5G investment plays at any level, including both junior and senior stocks. This was a big reason the company stood out to me, and why I felt I needed to share my findings right away.  

Eastower serves in the highly specialized arena of constructing, building and maintaining cellular network systems, including taking part in the thousands of cell towers that now spread across America.

5G is so crucially important, and with this nationwide infrastructure build now going into high gear, I believe Eastower's flow of 5G infrastructure contracts may already be pouring in.  

In a recent interview I had with Eastower Wireless President and CEO, Vlado P. Hreljanovic, he stated that:

President and CEO
Vlado P. Hreljanovic

"This $65 billion federal expenditure could dramatically impact our growth trajectory and planning. We are preparing to quickly deploy crews across Florida and increasing our presence in the US southeastern tier... primarily the Sun Belt states... where this 5G infrastructure build is scheduled to launch in 2022.

"The demand from our current customer base tells us we now need 10–15 new crews in response to the government funding. That's on top of our existing business with the company. We're also being solicited by telcos out of Texas to support their 5G growth objectives and receiving contract solicitations for 5G upgrades and installations in North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

"Much of this has been triggered by the $65 billion federal plan. We expect to see strong growth during 2023, so we're gearing up now — becoming the go-to tier-one player in the nation's leading 5G infrastructure wireless sector. This is happening fast, which means we have to be nimble and prepared for growth."


Is Mr. Hreljanovic being overly optimistic? Not according to my research…

Many analysts are calling America's 5G network buildout the biggest infrastructure build in market history. It's on a scale unlike anything in the past.


This federal program targets every square mile of US real estate... 3,531,905 million square miles of land with 5G connectivity made accessible to all 331,893,745 million Americans!


Realistically, $65 billion in federal funds may just be the down payment.

Hundreds of billions more may be committed to get this done. The economic landscape for 5G is projected to rocket through mid-decade, which is why I believe getting in front of this right now is vital to cementing your ground floor investment position.

Later in this article, we'll go into some detail outlining the transformative changes that 5G makes possible to current and emerging technologies...

First though, let's put the scale of 5G into a global perspective. Allied Market Research (AMR) reports the economic impact of 5G technology "is projected to reach $667.90 billion by 2026, registering a CAGR of +122% from 2021 to 2026." [6] (emphasis added)

AMR goes on to project that companies embracing 5G technologies can expect enormous profits from their new technology investments. "5G technology return on investment market size was valued at $2.0 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $320.1 billion by 2026..." [7] How big is that?

That's Astonishing Growth in ROI of 160-Fold... +16,000%

Nothing in my memory comes close to this potential growth rate when compared to other equity-related investments! And the good news for you as a prospective investor — a big chunk of that is focused right here by investing in early 5G telecommunication American companies, such as Eastower Wireless (TSX-V: ESTW). 

In a separate report published by Technavia Research, 42% of the global growth in 5G will be concentrated in North America,[8] dominated by the United States.

I believe you're unlikely to ever again see an investment opportunity of this magnitude.


If for no other reason than to at least keep pace with the world, 5G is a must-do for America. Replacing legacy technologies like 4G simply cannot be postponed. Major telcos know how important this technology is and have already begun moving aggressively to install 5G in high-density population centers.  

But to truly go nationwide, literally millions of new 5G installation points must be built and activated. That's where Eastower is stepping in to avail itself of the opportunity, and take charge. Contracts are already being sought. Eastower Wireless is ramping up its role in this build-out with an eye on Florida and then further expanding to the southeastern region of the United States.



And that immense presence is likely to happen fast. America's 2022–2023 rollout of 5G appears to be on track for an initial, quick launch across the south, Eastower's primary operating territory. This is underway right now and it could only get bigger!

Future 5G Technology: This Is the Backbone for America's Global Technology and Forms Our Economic Leadership

2022–2023 stands to be a pivotal year in America's drive to maintain global technology leadership. Analysts tell us that we stand to lose any hope for staying in a leadership role if we fail to embrace and fully deploy 5G technology. In fact, some say we're already running #2... or worse.

China previously launched its own 5G network buildout and may be ahead in the race. Other countries are fast on both China's and our heels.[9]

This is imperative...

Speed, bandwidth, and near- or zero-latency are the well-known 5G advantages that can be transformative to our lives. Below are just a few of the many applications that can ultimately impact and improve the quality of life for all Americans.



5G is estimated to be blazing fast. Fully optimized, data transfer speeds can be clocked up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps), which pushes a 100X increase over the best of current 4G tech.[10]

To put that in perspective, a two-hour movie in ultra-high-definition could be downloaded across the country in about slightly more than one second. That's roughly ten movies downloaded in the time it takes to read this paragraph! With 4G, you'd still be downloading the first![11]

Such speed opens the way to almost instantaneous interaction between points of communication. It's called "low latency," a measure of how long a signal takes to transfer from a source to a receiver and back again.

5G networks will have a latency so incredibly low that a round-trip transmission of data can take place in less than five milliseconds — faster than human visual processing. This virtually instantaneous interaction makes systems possible that can control devices remotely in near-real time. 

In this world, 5G will deliver up to 1,000X more capacity than 4G, which opens paths to the fertile ground for the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). This is on top of fully perfecting driverless cars and enables the Metaverse to actually exist. It's a perfect match, opening the capability for hundreds or thousands of devices to communicate in real-time.

How 5G Will Improve Our Future

5G Promises to Greatly Improve Healthcare Systems and Patient Outcomes

5G allows remote real-time medical procedures across the world

Immediate access to patient records, medical data and specialized resources connects doctors and patients in a virtual, real-time way.

This can include monitoring millions of wearable devices that instantly alert healthcare providers to any patient experiencing life-threatening symptoms. Emergency responses could be activated instantly. Caregivers can be prepped at the hospital before the patient arrives with the medical records and key data from the device. Lives can be saved and outcomes dramatically improved.


A New World in Retail

5G will transform how we work and live, effecting our our daily lives for the better

5G holds the potential to greatly enhance the retail customer experience, and not just online.

Brick and mortar retailers may move beyond aisles of stocked shelves to an environment that lets you add items to a virtual cart rather than shopping with a physical one.

5G can enable inventory management to respond instantly to your needs. And in lieu of checkout lines, retailers could track your purchases as you shop. You simply pick what you need and walk out the door!


5G Promises to Revolutionize Farm and Ranch Technologies

5G implementation would decrease food scarcity, while driving better farm management, keeping food prices more relative to the market

Modern farming has become highly dependent on technologies that reduce input costs and improve productivity per acre. Rather than a whole field approach to crop management data, 5G can allow farmers to identify with pinpoint precision where attention is required.

With the cost of wearable devices plummeting, 5G makes possible the deployment of health monitoring devices on livestock herds. Ranchers can collect accurate health data and target specific animals rather than entire herds for intervention.


The Implications for Manufacturing Could Fill Volumes

The advancements of AI will increase workflow efficiencies

To be competitive in the world, US manufacturing systems must be completely transformed with 5G integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and internet management/control of production technologies.

This can help centralize critical functions from anywhere in the world, integrating everything from predictive maintenance, control and timing of manufacturing processes with unprecedented quality assurance processes — all integrated in real time with 5G sensor technology linked to artificial intelligence networks.


The Next Generation in Logistics and Transportation

5G will completely transform the transportation industry

Existing methods for inventory management and movement will go to the curb as 5G makes possible technologies to greatly improve communication among and between vehicles, whether they be over-the-road (OTR) trucks or forklifts in a massive warehouse environment.

Automated inventory picking and movement can dramatically cut costs of order fulfillment. Material handling in manufacturing can move critical raw materials to production lines.

Fleet monitoring and navigation can be centrally managed with higher efficiency using 5G. Drivers can be given tools to identify hazards, improve vehicle efficiencies, and monitor their driving environment. It will lead to safer, more efficient transportation, improve speed and lower costs to end users.


Protecting the Environment

From water availability to shortage of power, 5G enables real-time monitoring of all essential environmental controls.

Perhaps among the most important benefits is how 5G technologies can improve the environment. Qualcomm reports enormous benefits made possible by 5G, among those being:[12]

  • 370+ million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions avoided by mid-decade
  • -50% reduction in the use of pesticides
  • 410 billion gallons of water saved annually
  • 20% improvement in fuel efficiencies
  • 300,000 new green energy jobs

These benefits just skim the surface of what 5G enables in benefits to the environment, to the economy, and ultimately to American lifestyles.

As you launch your due diligence for the investment potential in Eastower Wireless (TSX-V: ESTW), be sure to include some research into the urgency and necessity of launching 5G throughout America or even the world.

America Is Moving Fast to Catch up With Global 5G Developments

America's newly enacted priorities for a 5G buildout could progress so quickly that you may only have a short window of opportunity to get involved with Eastower Wireless at today's entry-level share prices. I believe this stock could take off in a heartbeat and when it does, you may never see Eastower trading at these low prices ever again.

The profit potential from today's trading range could simply be stunning. I recommend that you immediately get started with your due diligence by requesting Eastower’s Investor Presentation.



An Urgent Opportunity That Suggests Immediate Action

I believe Eastower Wireless (TSX-V: ESTW) could hold an important position in the specialized technologies and personnel training needed to accomplish this daunting 5G buildout across the country.

If this company takes off, as I'm betting they will, their workload looks projected to rocket in 2023 — and especially 2024 with what could be described as significant revenue and profit potential for investors. I believe it is important to seek out companies at the ground floor level in order to build meaningful wealth.

Don't let this one get by you! Eastower may be off-the-radar for now, but circumstance could certainly change rapidly — especially if demand for this company’s services significantly increase, as I project it could.

Now is the time to start your research... maybe even get a few dollars in play while share prices trade at ground floor levels. That said, I recommend that you always invest wisely.

Eastower Wireless (TSX-V: ESTW) is a newly trading company that should be prudently characterized as a high-risk investment. Please, only invest that amount you feel comfortable putting at high risk for possible significant losses.

At the same time, keep in mind that the growth potential in Eastower Wireless could be characterized as absolutely stunning! It's a company positioned on the ground floor of an industry projected to more than double in size annually for the next five to six years. The potential is huge!



The US federal government triggered a starting cannon for the 5G market by earmarking $65 billion toward the completion of a nationwide high-bandwidth communications infrastructure, including 5G technology network. Billions more will likely flow in quickly from the private sector making 2022 the launch point for an explosive 5G technology build.


An astonishing array of new technologies in the pipeline today will be dependent on 5G. These technologies run the gamut from opening up the the world to the Metaverse, high-technology healthcare, autonomous vehicles, advancements in egaming, etc., to personal tech such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and, of course, with everything becoming dependent on wireless 5G communications.


Worldwide growth of 5G technology has been projected by third-party analysts as astonishing. The World Economic Forum describes 5G as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, anticipating “it will be as revolutionary as electricity or the automobile.”[13] Wireless communication giant Qualcomm believes that 5G will be “bigger than electricity.”


Eastower Wireless is no spring chicken in building out this technology revolution. The company plays a role in the AT&T $100 billion rollout of the first responder FirstNet national system.


This 5G build could target every square mile of populated land in the United States. Furthermore, the $65 billion government outlay specifically targets rural communities where high-speed internet has not yet fully penetrated. That includes significant portions of southern-tier states where this 5G buildout is being launched in Spring 2022.


What to Do to Get Started...

Contact your broker. Start your due diligence. Consider securing an early equity entry position while shares trade at what I believe are current low prices.

I believe that Eastower Wireless (TSX-V: ESTW) presents today’s best, high-growth equity investment opportunity in the emerging 5G sector. The future explosive growth forecasted for the Metaverse, egaming, advancements in virtual reality, and autonomous driving all depend on 5G being fully deployed. Everything is in place for an explosive start, as the nationwide buildout of 5G is now racing out of the starting gate.  

I’m in, how about you?

Blake Desaulniers, Contributor
for Investors News Service

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DISCLOSURE: Eastower Wireless is a Blake Desaulniers portfolio holding. Blake Desaulniers has not received any payment for the writing of this article.

DISCLAIMER: Investing in any securities is highly speculative. Please be sure to always do your own due diligence before making any investment decisions. The opinions, assumptions, and forecasts in this article are the author's own based on publicly available information, due diligence and interviews conducted. Read our full disclaimer here.

Published March 2022












[11] Calculated from data source: