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MF Williams
MF Williams came to FNN with an already impressive career analyzing small and microcap companies. He became involved in banking and finance working for BNP Paribas North America in New York City in early 2000. He soon found his true passion in small and microcap sector stocks, with their dramatic potential for upside growth. With over 19 years of experience analyzing and researching emerging small cap public companies, his insight and skill set are unmatched.
Articles: 48
Harley-Davidson (HOG): The American Motorcycle Company That You Should Consider Adding to Your Portfolio
Like apple pie and bald eagles, Harley-Davidson Inc. (NYSE: HOG) is an American icon deeply woven into the cultural fabric of this great country.
What Prior Stock Market Crashes Have Taught Us: Warren Buffett Would Say to Keep Calm and Carry On
Patience is key to investing in the capital markets. It is my opinion, this is not a time to freak out. Rather, choose to be calm and disciplined, while restraining yourself from not making any rash trading decisions.
8 Weapons Detection Companies That Could Stop the Gun Violence in America including Patriot One and Liberty Defense
The US has a huge gun problem. The only clear choice at the moment is in the private sector, specifically in weapons detection technology.
2021 FNN Stock Performance Year-End Review & Peek Into What’s in Store for Wall Street Heading Into 2022
I always love to look back and review our year-end stats on all the stock picks that FNN contributors have posted within their collective articles over the past 12 months.
The White Gold Rush Is On: 3 Lithium Stocks for the Intelligent Investor Including Lithium Americas & American Lithium
The white gold rush is on! Demand for lithium, the critical component in rechargeable batteries and main driver in the EV (Electric Vehicle space)...
Reddit + WallStreetBets + Robinhood = Birth of Meme Stocks. So Now What?
Meme stocks have been thriving for well over a year now and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.
5 Shipping Stocks for the Supply Chain Crisis to Put On Your Radar Now
The US economy is beginning to gather steam, but the sudden surge in demand has created a shock to the global supply chain at many distinct points.
Special Cannabis Stock Report Fall 2021: ALID, NXGWF / NGW & TOBAF / TAAT Poised to Win in Ripe Market
From my research, it looks like the dust may finally be settling for cannabis stocks and now could be an opportune time for investors to take a further look at the sector.
9 Stocks That Could Profit from Soaring Auto Prices Due to the Semiconductor Shortage
Auto prices for both new and used models have skyrocketed this year. So much so that it is now contributing to the overall national inflation rate.
9 Stocks to Mitigate Stock Shock; Warning Signs Could Be Flashing
As stock valuations climb to ever greater heights, economists and investors are beginning to take heed of several warning signs that are flashing.