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3 Unstoppable Forces That Will Drive the Next Marijuana Super-Cycle

Top Five Reasons to Consider Sproutly Today


Disruptive Technology – The world’s first truly natural water-soluble cannabis solution for the beverage and edibles market. Solving the world’s solubility issues places the company ahead of the pack, potentially redefining the cannabis industry.


Superior Products – Sproutly is focused on delivering to market the highest quality beverage and edible products with strain-specific benefits. Onset of effects within 5 mins and offset of effects within 90 min solves the onset/offset challenge for the beverage industry. Both its water soluble Infuz2O and Bio Natural Oil (BNO) can be extracted from specific strains and lay the foundation for future consumer products and needs.


Licensed Producer – The company’s state-of-the-art facility is strategically located in the Greater Toronto Area, and will not only provide cultivation of dried cannabis flower… the facility will also be the initial extraction facility for its APP technology, with processing capacity of up to 10,000kg annually (100 million X 10mg doses of Infuz2O).


Experienced Management – Sproutly’s executive management team provides decades of experience in biopharmaceutical research & development, technology commercialization, and consumer beverage & packaged goods.


Huge Market Opportunity – The total North America market, including U.S.A. legalized states, is expected to approach $50 billion over the next five to seven years. The joint venture with Moosehead Breweries gives Sproutly an immediate and well-established route to Canadian and worldwide markets. Sproutly Canada Inc. has the potential to offer smart investors exposure to an explosive growth market.

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