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Koios Beverage: Nootropics Go Mainstream in a Delicious Beverage Line

Broadcast Bob
November 22, 2019
Koios Beverage: Nootropics Go Mainstream in a Delicious Beverage Line

Five Key Reasons to Consider Koios for Immediate Action


The energy drink category has become an at-risk consumer product category that is ripe for disruption. Koios is in a prime position with a next-generation product to displace leading energy drink brands like Monster, Red Bull and NOS.


Americans have always pursued products that gives them an edge, which was the driving force behind the growth of energy drinks and the stimulating effects that propelled energy drinks to a $16 billion market size. Koios products give users the effects that they desire from traditional energy drinks, but with none of the disadvantages. This is a smarter decision for consumers once educated!


Demand for nootropic natural brain boosters is now going mainstream across all segments (college students, members of the workforce, parents, etc.) of America. Koios is making a name for itself by using healthful ingredients and offering enjoyable flavors that will further drive brand loyalty to the company’s product offerings.


GNC, Walmart, and Amazon open the door to expand distribution of Koios to all consumer categories, young and old. This positions Koios beverages on hyper premium retail shelf space among America’s most iconic beverage brands.


Here’s the big one for investors: Big beverage companies have a long history of acquiring “rising star” brands that carve out new market segments or threaten old ones. Koios does both, as its products improve on benefits already in demand, and threaten the established, yet vulnerable market in energy drinks. Koios’ penetration has the potential to deliver value to shareholders.

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