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Draganfly Could Soon Dominate a Market Targeting Health and Thermal Imaging That Is on Track to Hit $5 Billion by 2025!

Broadcast Bob
December 9, 2020


The United States (and the world) cannot withstand ongoing lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic...nor any potential future public health crisis. People could be allowed to return to work, school, and other venues by installing Draganfly's Vital Intelligence technology.


The world drone market (Draganfly's core business) is taking off at a breathtaking pace. The annual market size is projected to leap from $23 billion last year to an astonishing $145 billion by 2025.


Much of the domestic market for drones has been entirely disrupted by the Pentagon’s decision to ban the use of Chinese-made drone technology — a decision that has since extended into other branches of government across the board. As deployment of small drone technologies expands in the military, homeland security and public safety sectors, high priority for future contracts will be given to North American companies. This seriously cannot be understated!


Draganfly is the oldest and one of the most experienced North American commercial drone design and airborne technology manufacturers operating in the world today. Now that the company is publicly traded, any potential shareholder interest could be securing a ground-floor position in a company that, in my opinion, seems destined for explosive growth, in a market that is projected to soar over 10-fold in the coming five years. Now is the ideal time to begin your research and consider getting on board!


While Draganfly started as a drone company, it has advanced into a multi-faceted technology powerhouse adopting new technologies while advancing into other verticals such as health monitoring and robotics to capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

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Broadcast Bob
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