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Seven Amazing Stock Picks by FNN Contributors Including NIO, MindMed and Tesla That Yielded Massive Gains

MF Williams
February 22, 2021
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2020 will go down in history as a year to be remembered. Political upheaval, the COVID-19 pandemic, social unrest, record bull markets... it was enough to make us all dizzy just trying to stay on top of everything.

As we move into the first quarter of 2021, we wanted to quickly recap some of the winning stock plays Financial News Now (FNN) contributors have called attention to over the last year and a half, and recognize the incredible job our valued contributors have done alerting our subscribers to stocks with the potential for eye-popping gains.

With one 10-bagger, another 11-bagger and an even more impressive 24-bagger, I think we reserve the right to brag and say that we as a collective have alerted our followers to some truly out of the park homeruns.

We challenge you to name another FREE financial news website that compares.

These are just some of the eye-popping gains FNN subscribers received right in their mailbox.

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While the winners are too many to name in one article, we will recap the top 7 stock picks over the last year and a half, and show you where these companies trade today.

Really!? A 24-bagger?

NIO Ltd.

While many of our contributors have been analyzing and covering Wall Street for decades, we have rarely seen a company skyrocket to such heights! Surely there are some very happy investors who took our advice and picked up some shares of NIO Ltd. (NYSE: NIO) when FNN contributor Carl Delfeld called it back in December 2019.

NIO was a little-known Chinese upstart making its way (big way) into the automotive EV space. Carl’s research uncovered a huge golden goose egg at a starting share price of $2.48. In a little less than one year, NIO’s share price skyrocketed +2,428%, hitting a high of $62.70!

Investors who followed this tip can say they were part of a fabled 24-bagger. Absolutely incredible!

NIO Ltd. still trades in the $60 range today — just under its record high of $62.70.

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11-Bagger in Four Months

Sona Nanotech

In March of 2020, COVID-19 started its cold grip on the US and Canadian economies. It was uncertain times to say the least, but FNN contributor Cynthia Berryman stepped up to the plate and called out Sona Nanotech (CSE: SONA / OTCQB: SNANF)
 as a company investors should look at.

Sona Nanotech was an early innovator delivering a COVID-19 diagnostic test. They were one of the first to develop what is known as a rapid test that produced results in 5–15 minutes instead of the 2–4 hours required for tests available at that time.

The share price of Sona Nanotech was sitting at $1.17 per share at the time of Cynthia’s article. In just four months, the stock went parabolic to $15.20, gifting followers of FNN with another massive gain of +1,199%!

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A Psychedelic 10-Bagger

Being locked inside your house or apartment, alone for months on end, does funny things to people. To say the COVID-19 lockdowns have pushed people’s mental health to the edge would be an understatement.

Psychedelic medicines and other chemical compounds that were once relegated to the black market have found their place in the rapidly developing pharmaceutical mental health field.

For the first time in decades, these psychedelic therapeutics are being legalized for use to effectively treat the debilitating effects of PTSD, opioid addiction, anxiety and depression.

Legalization for use of these once taboo substances in mental health therapies is now happening in Canada as well as Oregon and in a few cities scattered across the US. Additional states are also working on legislation that will further open the door to these psychedelic therapies — helping war veterans and first responders cope with PTSD that has haunted them for years, as well as the general public.

In September 2020, FNN contributor Dawn Van Zant saw the growing trend in this booming sector and provided FNN followers with her favorite in the field: Mind Medicine (MindMed) Inc (NEO: MMED).

At the time of Dawn’s article, the newly formed psychedelic company was trading at $0.48 per share. In a little over three months, the share price rocketed, peaking at $5.60 per share!

This resulted in a huge +1,055 gain for FNN followers who jumped onboard!

Today the stock trades in the range of its all-time high at around $5.

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Else Nutrition Delivered a +710% Gain

Else Nutrition Aims to Disrupt Baby and Child Nutrition with Plant-Based, Non-Dairy/Non-Soy Formulas

Any parent knows that your baby’s diet is always a number one concern. With so many chemicals, additives and potentially unhealthy foods available, it's no wonder consumers are looking for a healthy and safe baby food.

Israeli-based Else Nutrition Holdings Inc. (OTCQX: BABYF / TSX-V: BABY), went public in late 2019 with their line of baby formulates that are non-dairy, non-soy, hormone-free, gluten-free, non-GMO and processed without chemicals.

In July 2019, FNN contributor Blake Finucane saw the writing on the proverbial wall and made an early call on the company stock. At the time of her article, the stock was trading at $0.60 per share.

It took some time for the company to get its legs, but in a little over one year, the company rose up and blew away expectations with a 710% gain for FNN followers!

The stock still trades at a respectable $4 range, not far off from its lofty highs.

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Draganfly Soared Vertical, Delivering +631% Gains

Drones are being used in a variety of industries and applications to monitor health, collect data, provide real-time situational assessments, inspect infrastructure, monitor landscapes and installations, and much, much more. Drone technology has become the next focal point of advancement.

Draganfly Inc. (OTCQB: DFLYF / CSE: DFLY) hit the radar of FNN in November 2019. FNN contributor Blake Desaulniers jumped on the opportunity and wrote up a very revealing and insightful article on drone technology and the opportunity this small North American company offered to early investors.

This all happened during Trump’s assault on anything China and the fear that they were stealing data on US installations and infrastructure. Drones were just one more piece of this problem that could not be allowed to get a foothold on US soil.

Trump subsequently banned all Chinese-made drones used by US agencies, forcing them to look for domestically produced drones. Draganfly, an award-winning North-American company, was a natural choice given their 20+ years in the business.

At the time Blake first brought Draganfly to the attention of our readers, the company was trading at $0.52 per share. A little over a year later, the company share price rocketed to a high of $3.80, delivering massive gains for FNN subscribers who got in early.

The company still trades around that all-time high of $3.80.

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COVID Online Car Sales Led Investors to Triple-Digit Gains

COVID has changed our lives in significant ways. So much so that we will probably never go back to doing things like we did before.

Take vehicle sales, for example. COVID made us rethink our social interactions as new mandates of social distancing were handed down by health organizations to curtail the spread of the deadly virus.

The days of going to a car dealership and shaking hands with a salesperson on the lot changed as the industry was turned on its head due to COVID. What rose up to take its place was a surge in online car sales.

Consumers could instead shop virtually for new and used cars to preview vehicles, options and pricing. The entire transaction could be done online with the only contact with the dealership or car buying site being when the keys were passed to the new owner.

In May of last year, I [MF Williams] wrote an article looking into this major revolution in car sales and the companies most likely to see share price gains.

While all seven companies that were called out saw significant gains, two stood out significantly.

Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) ripped through the naysayers and delivered on their promises. It literally broke all the rules of the entrenched car sales industry and bi-passed opening dealerships.

The company share price at the time of the article was just over $162 per share. Seven months later, the stock hit a high of $883.09 — sending FNN investors home with a +443% gain.

Furthermore, on the used car sales side of the business, RumbleOn Inc. (NASDAQ: RMBL) was a dark horse candidate. When the article was published, the company share price was $11.34. A little over seven months later, the share price rocketed up to $48.50 per share giving a +328% gain to early FNN investors.

Tesla trades in the $800 dollar range today and RumbleOn Inc. is hovering around $43 per share.

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Current FNN Subscribers Already Know Our High-level Contributors Continue to Deliver Meaningful Stock Call-Outs That Could Ultimately Play a Positive Part Within Your Investment Portfolio!

With gains like these, we have to toot our own horn. To be honest, when we analyzed these numbers, we were very proud of how many stocks our FNN contributors had called successfully, along with the enormous gains and market potential that followed.

In almost every stock that was called out by our contributors in the past 12-months, FNN followers could have seen a positive gain, subject to their entry point. If you are a current FNN subscriber, then you already know this.

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Thank you for following us here at FNN. We look forward to another successful year of savvy trading ahead!

And a big shout out to our talented team of contributors here at FNN on their incredible performance and well done research.

Cheers & Happy Trading!

MF Williams, Contributor
for Investors News Service

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