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Global Demand for Carbon Credits Is Rising: 13 Carbon ETFs You Should Consider Investing in Today

What matters is the high degree of certainty that investing in decarbonization offers an opportunity for what could become outstanding profit potential.

What Prior Stock Market Crashes Have Taught Us: Warren Buffett Would Say to Keep Calm and Carry On

Patience is key to investing in the capital markets. It is my opinion, this is not a time to freak out. Rather, choose to be calm and disciplined, while restraining yourself from not making any rash trading decisions.

8 Weapons Detection Companies That Could Stop the Gun Violence in America including Patriot One and Liberty Defense

The US has a huge gun problem. The only clear choice at the moment is in the private sector, specifically in weapons detection technology.

Why You Should Consider Investing in Nuclear Energy Immediately to Combat Climate Change

If the top risks to the world right now are climate change and geo-political conflict, the growth of nuclear energy in both America and China is essential.

2021 FNN Stock Performance Year-End Review & Peek Into What’s in Store for Wall Street Heading Into 2022

I always love to look back and review our year-end stats on all the stock picks that FNN contributors have posted within their collective articles over the past 12 months.

Reddit + WallStreetBets + Robinhood = Birth of Meme Stocks. So Now What?

Meme stocks have been thriving for well over a year now and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

5 Shipping Stocks for the Supply Chain Crisis to Put On Your Radar Now

The US economy is beginning to gather steam, but the sudden surge in demand has created a shock to the global supply chain at many distinct points.

Can’t Invest in Real Estate? These Neobank & Crypto Relevant Investment Opportunities Could Be Your Next Best Solution

Stocks aren’t the only way to invest — crowdfunded real estate, cryptocurrency, and other novel platforms all offer new routes...

Why Are Real Estate Prices So High, and What Should Investors Do About It?

The world is facing runaway residential home prices, and the traditional source of wealth is rapidly becoming out of reach for millions of Americans.

9 Stocks That Could Profit from Soaring Auto Prices Due to the Semiconductor Shortage

Auto prices for both new and used models have skyrocketed this year. So much so that it is now contributing to the overall national inflation rate.
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