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The Safest, Most Profitable Way to Get in on Today’s Gold Boom

After its multiyear slumber in the shadow of the stock bull market, gold could be set to enter a long-term rally.

Could Hemp and Cannabidiol (CBD) be the Answer to the Anxiety Epidemic?

If you’ve been stressed lately, you’re not alone. More Americans are stressed out than ever before. From tighter incomes to increased...

Profit From the US-China Cold Economic War

In February, I discussed the role of China and rare metals and rare earths. You can read my article here. Since then, one of the stocks I recommended, Lynas Corporation has soared.

The Top 3 Senior and Junior Cannabis Stocks to Watch

Since Canada legalized recreational cannabis in October of 2018, and the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill in the US, which saw a rescheduling of CBD and Hemp, the cannabis sector has been hot...

How to Protect your Portfolio in Times of Uncertainty

Turn on any business news channel and before long, three pundits will appear to debate the future direction of the economy. Oftentimes the discussion is centered on whether we will...

Investors are Betting on E-Scooters and Micromobilty in the RideShare Economy

Overnight, an infestation descended on city streets. It was a swarm. What was once a benign child’s toy suddenly became a civic scourge.

The Sleeping Dragon Awakens

I’ve had a weather eye on gold for more than a year now. Gold could be the dark horse winner of 2019. I see the potential for mounting inflationary pressures after the US provided a massive tax cut while the economy was...

The Top 5 Investment Sectors For 2019

As any seasoned investor knows, your investment portfolio is like a garden. You search for your seeds that have the best hope of growing and producing fruits of your labor. Some of...

Copper’s Electrifying Outlook

According to almost all estimates, the long-term trend for copper prices points upward, and current market conditions, a pullback from recent highs, marks a potential entry point for smart money investors. The fundamentals of...

Have Lithium and Cobalt Become Bonafide Tech Plays?

As the global transition to a post-carbon economy accelerates, there is absolutely no doubt that electrical storage technology will be a critical component of the world’s energy future.