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Is the COVID-19 Coronavirus a Stock Market Black Swan Event?

Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang described the epidemic and resulting widespread quarantine as a Black Swan event. Is he right?

Gold Is Not Going to US$10,000 an Ounce Any Time Soon but the Economic Seeds Are Being Sown for an Extended Bull Run

Whenever gold starts to go on a run, you see no shortage of gold bulls proclaim very positive...

Planet 13, Cronos Group and Village Farms Lead Best Cannabis Investment Bargains for 2020

Cannabis stocks have been badly beaten up over the past several months — which is good news for the contrarians among us.

Now’s the Time to Take Your Position for Big Profits in the $11 Trillion 5G Revolution

You’ve no doubt heard about the next generation of communications networks known as 5G. You might have even heard it called the “fourth industrial revolution.”

Australia May Be the Smartest Way to Capitalize on China’s Growth

Now that America and China have declared a truce, is it time to jump into Chinese stocks? And will concerns over Chinese growth slowing...

Cobalt Prime for Investor Entry: Demand Is Anticipated to Reach All-Time Highs

You may not realize it, but I’m willing to bet that lithium-ion batteries are an essential part of your life. Without them, your smartphone would...

Top 5 Investment ETFs for 2020

As we close the books on 2019, it’s time to take a look back on a record bull market year and consider our investment strategy for 2020. Investors cashed in big time in 2019. It was a banner year for the stock market!

A High-Risk, High-Return 10 Bagger Stock for 2020!

When looking for a potential 10-bagger stock for 2020, one first has to be willing to stomach some risk and volatility. You also have to find a company that is a bit controversial.

3 Ways to Play the Red-Hot Streaming Video Wars

With all the talk about the market reaching ever-higher highs, the S&P 500 is still up only about 7.5% in the nearly two years since the beginning of 2018.

Winners and Losers in the $570 Billion Streaming Video Revolution

Broadcast and cable TV are rapidly sinking toward extinction as media marches toward an all-digital future.